People represent the starting and arrival point in Everel: the employees who work following a shared code of ethics; our customers and suppliers with which we create ongoing relationships; other institutional or external subjects who create links with our various company levels, for different reasons.
Everel's goal is to create a common Value: this means to manage our activities creating a virtuous cycle that involves both Company and Society, to answer also to the territory's needs.
The road to follow is to potentiate and increase the value that each Person has, welcoming the contribution that eachone can give thanks to its own personal history and experience.

Corporate Social Responsibility permeates Everel itself with ethical implications that guide the company strategic vision. It comes alive through many activities.

Everel is continuously committed to:

- "Cooperativa Monteverde", for people with special needs.
- “Alternanza Scuola Lavoro”, educational programme for High School students. We allow students from different high schools to actively join some projects during their internship in Everel.
- “Officina dei Talenti”: internal educational programme for unemployed local young people. It aims at giving technical specialistic skills for the moulding operator role, in order to reintegrate them or launch to business world.
- Prison of Verona: we cooperate with “Cooperativa Lavoro & Futuro”, an association that engages the prisoners in some Everel products assembly steps.
- Prison of Arad - Romania: we give prisoners the possibility to cooperate in some Everel products assembly steps.

We also cooperate whenever we can with important local organizations:
- "Amani Onlus", for the building of schools, hospitals and detention centers in Africa.
- "ABC of Sport", educational project for young people's growth and training through sport's values.
- "Comunità Exodus" founded by Don Mazzi, for the rehabilitation of drug addict people.
- “Casa Dacia Foundation", for the integration of Romanian community into Venetian territory.