Water-resistant Switches

Our waterproof switches are an ideal solution for all outdoor uses requiring toughness, resistance and high protection from dust, humidity and splashing. Carefully curated construction, perfect assembly and tested, reliable mechanisms guarantee protection levels of up to IP 65 and an operative life of up to 300,000 cycles.

Series B4MASK

IP65 protection level; Commutator with central 0 available; Patented .

Series SXA4

Protetto contro la penetrazione di liquidi e polvere; Con doppio pulsante; Illuminato o non illuminato .

Series SXLR

Body in rubber; Illuminated or not-illuminated; IP65 protection level .

Series SXL44

IP65 protection level; Illuminated or not-illuminated; Oval or rectangular light cover .

Series SXA3

Protected from liquids and dust penetration; Double button .