Signal Lights

An unbeatable range of signal lights is available in a great variety of shapes, sizes and colours with various typologies of lamp (incandescent, neon or LED). The flexibility of the solutions offered has resulted in the use of Everel signal lights in numerous types of applications worldwide.

Signal Lights Units

Everel signal lights are available in a wide variety of colours and shapes.

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Signal Lights Cut-out Ø 6

These are differentiated by type of connection, voltage and resistance to a wide range of temperatures.

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Signal Lights Cut-out Ø 8-10

The production of Everel signal lights is completed by a vast range of accessories.

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Signal Lights Cut-out Ø12-13

These may have a variable cut-out with diameter from 6 to 25 mm and customized models may be added.

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Indicator Lights

The Everel range offers indicator lights for combination with various series of rocker and push-button switches.

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Rectangular signal lights

Everel's offer is completed by high quality rectangular signal lights, with different wire type and connectors and LED as light source available for all voltages.

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