Motors and ventilation units

Everel produces and trades low-powered shaded pole motors, heating elements for small and medium-sized household electrical appliances, ventilator groups and thermos ventilators. Our low-powered shaded pole motors are available in multiple versions and are characterized by a high electromagnetic efficiency that enables them to satisfy the widest range of application requirement: ventilators, extractor fans, air purifiers and humidifiers. Everel’s tangential, axial and quartz heating elements offer maximum reliability and are a valid solution for every type of application in the field of thermo-ventilation.

Shaded Pole Motors

GIEM has been a leader for over 25 years in the supply of shaded pole motors characterized by high electromagnetic performance. Available in multiple versions, they meet the widest range of application requirements.

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EC Brushless Motors

Everel produces a series of motors that are often used, on account of their high efficiency, in applications requiring low consumption combined with high performance. 
Our EC Brushless motors enable maximum speed control and the possible rotation reversal; they can meet a wide range of application requirements such as ventilators, thermo-ventilators, humidifiers and cooker hoods.

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Ventilation Units

Reliable, silent ventilator groups applicable for ventilation, electrical heating and equipment requiring forced-air cooling.

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