Mechatronic Solutions

In close collaboration with the customer, we can offer a vast range of customized solutions, available for large household appliances (ovens, cooking ranges, refrigerators), small household appliances (mixers, coffee machines) and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems) and other application areas.

Super freezing function solution

Solution for domestic freezers. Controls low-power commutation for small and large appliances.  Customizable timer for automatic shut-down of super freezing function.

Coffee machines solution

La soluzione si occupa del riscaldamento e della distribuzione della pompa di carico della macchina da caffè.

Analogic electronic timer

Il timer regola la visualizzazione (con lancette analogiche) e il funzionamento del forno (timer, inizio e fine cottura, campanello d'allarme), tramite la manopola a pulsante.

Digital electronic timer

Electronic digital timer for oven, easy installation and hiring; Digital timers allow to obtain even more useful functions, as pyrolysis for oven cleaning, meat probe and cavity probe options; In addition it is possible to have the temperature and cooking functions knob, by potentiometers.


Everel Selectors unite “user-friendly” mechanical interfaces with advanced electronic technologies to enable customers to find easy-to-use Applications on the market.

Backlighted push-button switches

Backlighted electronic and electro-mechanical push button for large, small and professional appliances .

Infrared control unit with power board

Infrared control unit with Power Board. It can be customized in ist parts (LED, display, buttons, touch, ext.

Variable speed motor control solution

Function: motor power regulation by phase cutting method .