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Our extremely detailed range includes rocker switches, slide switches, push-button switches, rotary switches and socket groups of varying dimensions, ...


Our Selectors can be combined with Rast5 multiple connector to facilitate cabling and avoid polarization errors, and with multiple connectors for accessory ...


Encoders provide a range of solutions for all applications requiring electronic control. They enable inclusion on the printed circuit board of SMD or traditional ...

Motors and ventilation units

Everel produces and trades low-powered shaded pole motors, heating elements for small and medium-sized household electrical appliances, ventilator groups ...

Signal Lights

An unbeatable range of signal lights is available in a great variety of shapes, sizes and colours with various typologies of lamp (incandescent, neon or LED). ...

Mechatronic Solutions

The constant dedication of our R&D department ensures the conception of innovative products combining mechanics with electrical/electronic skills. ...


This category includes components with high added value created to meet various customer requirements.


Automotive Switches

Our range offer for Automotive includes doors and blower solutions. The products offered are switches and fan commutators for air conditioning, rotary potentiometers ...




Applications and Markets

Major appliances

Small appliances

Heating & Ventilation


Gardening & Outdoor


Everel is a leader in production and supply of electronic and electromechanical parts for the most important household appliance manufacturers and the main automotive producers in the world. We create solutions and products also for Heating and Ventilation, Gardening & Outdoor and Healthcare.

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1987 - 2017: thirty years of history, a growth oriented to innovation and never-ending passion for excellence. Industria e Finanza

Everel Group S.p.A. offers a wide choice of electronic and electromechanical components and custom sub-systems for different applications and markets. The secret of its success lies in excellent customer orientation and an extensive product range that meets most of the requirements from a single source. European Business

Every time a user turns on any electrical appliance, from the coffee machine to the hairdryer, from the cooker hood to the oven, he is using a switch which was very likely manufactured by Everel Group. Il Sole 24 Ore

Everel has the complexity and hence the skills of a large company, with a production chain that starts from plastic molding and metal punching to the final assembly. Il Sole 24 Ore